Is it time to Knit?

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The answer is it's always time to knit!


Here’s the WIP I was talking about in the previous post. It is the Rochefort Chapeau by Purl Soho (you can find the pattern on Ravelry — I haven’t figured out how to do links when using my tablet because I lazy). The rounds join just to the right of the yarn tail in the second picture. It looks pretty good. I like this simple pattern, but I will not include the little tassel because it looks a bit silly.

For my next trick, I’m going to learn a different method to increase, especially when the increase round is in a different color. I generally Kfb to increase, and as you can see, it left a little white bit of stitch visible, so the blue row isn’t perfect. Oh well. C’est la vie.

The yarn I’m using, btw, is Artesano superwash merino that I picked up at I Knit in London (near Waterloo station). It’s been very nice to work with.

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Thanks to the wonderful folks at “Knit Now” magazine, some of my favourite toys are feautured in this month’s issue

I want a copy of this! They’re adorable!

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How do you feel about people unraveling thrift store sweaters for the yarn? →





I’ve done this a couple times. It’s time consuming, but a great resource for saving dollars on yarn.

My favorite thrift yarn unraveling was an American eagle vest. Prima cotton in this deep blue. I…

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#mylittlepony #magic 🌸🌐👵💧 #powerpuffkay #knit #knitting #diy #cowl #lionbrand #amazing #yarn #pretty #pastel #rainbow #girly #fun


#mylittlepony #magic 🌸🌐👵💧 #powerpuffkay #knit #knitting #diy #cowl #lionbrand #amazing #yarn #pretty #pastel #rainbow #girly #fun

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